Executive Team

We help Property Management Companies IMPROVE Their Performance

Founder / CEO

Mark A. Deddens

visionary, innovator, results fanatic

Visionary leader and entrepreneur with over 27 years of proven success; growing shareholder value, customer loyalty, and bottom line results for diverse business to business and business to consumer services.

Passionate about building relationships and adopting new concepts that better himself, his company and his client’s experience. Exceeding client expectations has always been in the forefront of his mission.

The iStorm Group vision, mission and specialties focus on decreasing costs and increasing profit margins for our clients.

Mark’s areas of expertise include understanding / embracing our customers’ core challenges and goals, identifying problems / deficiencies in their business processes, and creating actionable plans that provide a viable and profitable solution to those challenges.

CEO, Drew and Cole Deddens Foundation

Tammy Deddens

practical, friendly, team builder

Tammy is a caring and passionate mother / person with a knack for helping people.

Tammy and Mark lost twin sons in December of 2010. In the spirit of their love of all children the Drew and Cole Deddens foundation was formed. The foundation provides support to multiple needy children and families in communities throughout the US.

To further this personal mission, Tammy is also highly involved with iStorm Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, through which iStorm Group donates a percentage of its net profits each year. The foundation will support St. Jude and Nationwide Children’s in Columbus Ohio. Both organizations give the gift of hope to millions of children who receive lifesaving care every year. Each and every child deserves the chance for a healthy future, and iStorm Group is committed to this mission with Tammy leading this initiative. Learn more about the Drew and Cole Deddens foundation here.

Director of Operations

Elizabeth Bashore

With 16+ years of managerial, administration, and customer service & satisfaction experience, Elizabeth provides the optimal client experience. Giving the utmost in personal attention to your staff and properties. She is very personable, organized, efficient, detail oriented, and excels at multi-tasking. Elizabeth is very eager to do everything necessary to ensure the client has the best experience with the least amount of stress before, during, and after your wind/hail/fire events.

Elizabeth has a degree in mathematics from Indiana University with minors in accounting, finance, and economics.

Director of Risk Management

Seth Deddens

Highly versed in asset protection strategies, inspections and reports, claims settlement / management, quality assurance and General Contractor project coordination and management. Seth can identify inherent obstacles to various processes, and create actionable solutions that deliver desirable outcomes / results.

Seth attended the University of Cincinnati, interned with iStorm for 3 years and is now a full time member of the Team. Seth is also an avid golfer and takes great pride in out-hitting his Dad. 

Risk Management Consultant

Eric Watson

As a part of the iStorm team, Eric identifies risk exposure and develops asset protection strategies. He is responsible for on-site inspections, reporting, and contract-project coordination. 

Eric is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BA in US Culture and Business Practices. His passion for entrepreneurship and management makes him an excellent asset to the iStorm family. 

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