At iStorm Group we work with you to provide Risk Management and Loss Consulting before and after a storm occurs. Our baseline inspections allow us to identify any potential risk exposure to the property and discuss best next steps to mitigate that risk as well as any future risk to the area before a substantial loss occurs.

NOT IF, BUT WHEN a loss does occur, we will provide accurate and reliable repair estimates based on costs that can be supported within the adjustment process. Our team will cohesively work with your insurance carrier’s adjustment team to reach a fair and reasonable scope of repairs. We will provide a logical sequencing of all scope, tasks, and durations to determine the period of restoration.

We do all of this with clear communication between all parties. Our goal is to ensure open and honest communication between our clients, adjusters, insurance companies, and contractors to make the entire process stress free for you and efficient for everyone that is involved.


rather a corner stone of why+how we do business.