We reduce the distractions of dealing with building damage, repairs, and exterior inspections.

While on site during our baseline inspections, our team will install a proprietary weather tracking system which allows us to closely monitor the presence of storms (needs to be under Risk Management, or Reports) in your area based on specific weather thresholds. Should a storm in your area trigger the thresholds, we will schedule a new inspection to look for any damage and establish a new baseline. We treat your properties with the utmost care and protection so that you can focus on your necessary daily responsibilities, and we can keep an eye on the weather.

Our team will provide an accurate and reliable cost and time analysis of all multi-family and commercial property repairs and upgrades. Throughout the course of the project, we handle all the communication between the insurance providers, vendors, and contractors for you. We keep the project on schedule and moving so you don’t have to worry.

All of the general contractors that we bring on to our restoration projects go through a substantial iStorm vetting process to ensure the needs of our clients are met and that the work is done at the level of quality promised. Once the project scope is defined, our team will assign the appropriate iStorm certified contractor to execute the work on site. Our network of iStorm vetted and certified contractors allow us to quickly handle a multitude of restoration needs including fire, wind, hail, and natural disasters, as well as capital expenditure projects.

If you work closely with a general contractor that you would like to utilize for any of your restoration projects or repair services, we will simply have them complete the iStorm vetting process and we can assign them to execute your project.

During an active restoration project or building repair, iStorm Group will provide on-site monitoring to the physical work, as well as to the budget development and task sequencing to keep the project on schedule and running smoothly. We provide weekly detailed reports on the progress of the project to keep you and your team inform and remove any of the time and burden associated with project management.